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Building Futures Through Creativity, Challenge and Collaboration

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Poulner Infant School and Nursery

Building Futures Through Creativity, Challenge and Collaboration



Mrs Hammond- PE Subject Leader



Every winner was once a beginner. 

At Poulner, we believe that PE offered in a fun and supportive environment offers social, spiritual, moral and physical skills that may be drawn upon in many contexts and contribute to a life well lived.

PE offers development opportunities in so many ways for our children.   Not only does it highlight the journey pathway of practice, improvement and achievement but it nourishes confidence in self and creates an understanding of the value of teamwork.   Each child has a part to play and together we harness the power of reflection and a growth mindset.  Equipped with these life skills anything is possible.


We believe that PE plays a key part in the physical and mental development of our children and our physical education programme is underpinned by our school values, the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum/Early Years Foundation.  

We guide children through a broad  programme exposing them to a variety of skills and experiences.      


We do this through:

  • Helping individuals to reach their potential - ‘I can’
  • Fostering a climate where physical activity and health is held in high importance
  • Developing competence in a range of physical skills;
  • Engaging, inspiring and building confidence
  • Celebrating physical activity inside and outside of school
  • Making links with national and global sporting events
  • Encouraging critical thinking and problem solving;



In school we follow the National Curriculum and have devised a progression document inline with this and the developing stages of children’s’ physical and mental development .  Our programme ensures coverage and progression of physical capabilities and attainment, knowledge and social development.  We place importance on fun, reflection and progression.  Our whole school approach to learning with an open mindset helps us to foster a culture of commitment and perseverance which we deem valuable skills as the children navigate their journey into adulthood..

Children will  participate in 2 timetabled PE lessons each week, conducting indoor activities such as apparatus, dance, balance and core stability in a variety of contexts.  They will also participate outdoors developing skills such as throwing, aiming and catching, sending and receiving, dribbling,  attacking and defending.  As the  children progress through the years they will explore activities such as orienteering and swimming.

Children will have the opportunity to join after school clubs as well as to participate in competitions within PE. They will participate in Sports Day and are invited to join our Skip Fit at break times, make use of our dedicated football area (offered to 1 year group at a time), complete the golden mile and participate in one of our external competitions alongside other local schools.  They will also join one of our whole school initiatives such as Walk to School Week, Eat Them to Defeat Them or The Biggest Football Match.


  • Our inclusive programme offers opportunities to experience a range of fun activities 
  • Children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school
  • They develop confidence and learn to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses
  • They develop a sense of belonging and an acknowledgement of their value in sport
  • They engage in peer competition
  • We encourage  well-being as well as physical development
  • Children are invited to compete in competitive events throughout the year through our collaboration with New Forest Schools’ Sports Partnership. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also mental well-being.
  • Each term, children from each year group are awarded Sporting Superstar Awards in assembly.   Here skills, resilience, teamwork, leadership and perseverance are celebrated.
  •  Children  participate in exciting active workshops from visitors.



Through pupil conferencing, ongoing assessment, appropriate and responsive tailoring by teachers, teacher feedback and lesson observations we will see children building transferable skills as their ‘I can’ awareness develops. 

Subject leaders will monitor the progress and attainment of children against the progression of skills during the learning walks throughout the year and identify any areas for future development.


Children will draw on skills from prior experiences and our school learning behaviours, formulate stronger links and deeper ways to improve. Their moral awareness and understanding of fair play and teamwork will deepen developing positive relationships and sporting behaviours.